Our Story

Caffèspresso brings Europe to Henrico

A warm glow suffuses the café.

Late afternoon sunlight streams through the windows, filtering through steam that rises from a dozen tiny cups of espresso and bounces off rough, bright-yellow walls. One whole wall is crammed with gold-framed pictures of Italian villas, street scenes, and ancient churches.

A deep, wide couch faces these pictures, and a bookcase, reaching all the way to the ceiling, is packed with volumes large and small, new and old, signaling the obvious success of the café’s take-one-leave-one policy. At the opposite side a large wine cellar rich in wine from all over the world at retail price (yes retail!!!. Finally a place in RVA where sitting down and drinking an elegant bottle of wine or just taking it home has the same price).

Caffepresso started out in 2005 as a cart that made its way around VCU campus. The owner Claudio Ragazzi, a former teacher at Northstar Academy and former instructor at VCU , wanted to get out and be a part of the vital Richmond community. As his cart became more popular, customers were telling him he should open a shop, and so Caffespresso opened in Gaskins Place in 2008.  

Cafféspresso sells more than coffee.

In Italy, and across most of Europe, a cup of coffee isn't brewed so you can drink it out of a paper cup while driving to work. It's meant to be enjoyed at a sidewalk café while reading or socializing.

Caffespresso is trying to bring a bit of that European sensibility to Richmond, so we also serve our coffee and espresso drinks in ceramic mugs.

Caffespresso serves, authentic panini made with a thin homemade focaccia. Fresh house made salads Fantastic selection of wines from many part of the world with obviously a forte influence in Italian wines.

Chocolate (only in the winter), which is much richer than American hot chocolate, so thick, in fact, that you’ve got to drink it with a spoon. 

Our philosophy is simple we succeed when a customer leaves happy and then brings back a friend.